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Vinyl Landscape Edging

Are you tired of looking at your boring landscape? Are you wondering why you continue to fail to “keep up with the Joneses”? That is because the Jones’ are using Channel Guard vinyl landscape edging. Adding vinyl edging to your lawn and garden beds significantly increases the visual appeal of your landscape. Visually landscape edging makes a beautiful transition from your lawn to your garden. It also makes your mowing job easier as you to do not have to worry about accidently cutting your wife’s precious flowers. The end result is a beautiful landscape design and a happy wife!

Uses of Vinyl Landscape Edging

Vinyl landscape edging can be great for lawn edging, garden bed edging and fence edging. In addition to making your mowing job easier, vinyl edging help stop weeds that try to dominate the edges of your garden and lawn.

Vinyl Lawn Edging Is Easy to Install

Installing vinyl lawn edging is one of the best ways to separate your planting beds from your lawn. Vinyl landscape edging is easy to install. See our vinyl landscape edging installation guide for more details.

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